Frustrated and Flaky?

Colorado winters  are notorious for beautiful snowy days, but with winter comes dry skin. It plagues us all, whether we are out on the ski slopes or bundled up inside with some hot cocoa. Dry skin, also known as Xerosis,  is a very common skin condition that causes small flakes and rough patches all over the body.  As beautiful and fun as Colorado is, it also has two of the major drivers of dry skin; cold weather and a dry climate (This explains the migration to Florida during the winter).

Dry skin is due to the lack of water in the most superficial layer of the skin known as the epidermis. This dehydration of the skin causes cracks and breaks. Itching, the most common symptom of dry skin, can exasperate these breaks in the skin barrier which can lead to secondary complications, such as eczema, bacterial infections, and cellulitis. Repeat itch-scratch cycles can also lead to skin thickening and darkening.

We can’t let dry skin hold us back from enjoying our Colorado winter. The most important and easiest solution to dry skin is to MOISTURIZE! Yes, you too men. But, it is more than just moisturizing. Many lotions contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your already compromised skin.  Make sure you are only applying bland moisturizers, such as our Sensitive Skin Lotion or Cetaphil Body Lotion. And, the best way to apply lotion is right after the shower or bath when your skin is still moist.

If you want to be preventive about your dry skin and avoid the frustration, our clinic offers several products that combat dry skin. Our most popular moisturizer, the Sensitive Skin Cream, is oil-free and gently hydrates the skin without harsh chemicals or preservatives. Also check out one of our newest products, the Ultra-Hydrating Serum, which quenches dehydrated skin leaving the skin brighter, firmer, and more rejuvenated.

Make this winter your most moisturizing winter yet!


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