Treat Your Self This Holiday Season!

All year you have put everyone else first, this holiday season put your skin first and splurge on some great skin care products! Let me tell you about some products you may have overlooked earlier in the year!

Put a sparkle back in your eye with our Retinol Antioxidant Eye Cream. This Vitamin A cream will trigger cell renewal to plump and firm the skin under your eyes. This cream will also reduce the appearance of fine under eye wrinkles! If you’re just looking for a great eye moisturizer check out our Ifix Eye Serum, specifically made to hydrate the gentle skin around the eyes. Don’t forget your entire face needs hydration too! We have a great Restorative Night Cream that is hypoallergenic with ceramides, humectants, and emollients to attract and lock in moisture. This cream is great for people with sensitive skin and even helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a spa night, cut up some cucumbers, sit back and relax with our Clay Mask. The Clay Mask soothes and removes excess oil while clearing out congested pores. This is a great weekly addition to any skin care routine!

We here at the Denver Dermatology Center wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Stop in and check out these products so you can start off the new year rejuvenated and ready to meet your resolutions!

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