Wrinkles Be Gone!

Wrinkles are a natural intrinsic sign of aging but they can be made worse by multiple extrinsic factors. Did you know that those stubborn lines that seem to one day appear over night can be partially due to years of smoking and sun damage? Wearing sunscreen daily and quitting smoking will help reduce the amount of wrinkles you get in the future but what about fixing the wrinkles you have right now??

Botox! The magical drug that reduces the visibility of your wrinkles for up to 4 months! Botox usually has full effect approximately 1-2 weeks after injections. Depending on the look you want, we can tailor your Botox to target stubborn frown lines with 20 units, crows feet with another 20 units, and with another 4-10 units the forehead, rabbit squint, and upper lip. Botox is safe and quick to administer!

Retin-A is another product that with long term and consistent usage is proven to smooth fine lines and reverse photodamage. Retin-A is derived from Vitamin A and comes in three prescription strengths, 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1%. Retin-A is applied nightly starting 3 times a week, working up to every night as tolerated.

Although wrinkles come with age and therefore wisdom you don’t need those stubborn lines to remind you of it every time you look in the mirror! Call the office today and see how we can help you rejuvenate your skin with Botox and Retin-A! As always remember to click here to join our cosmetic email list and keep an eye out for our special $10/unit Botox Days!


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