Mole and Cyst Removal in Denver

Mole and Cyst Removal in Denver

Although moles, cysts, and skin tags are extremely common and generally benign, some people choose to remove them because of discomfort, irritation, or embarrassment. However, some moles may be precancerous and require removal for medical reasons. It is important to see a dermatologist if you have a concerning mole and to undergo a yearly skin cancer screening to help prevent the development of cancer.

For skin tag, mole, and cyst removal, the Denver Dermatology Center utilizes various surgical options, including cautery, punch biopsy, and surgical excision. A few stitches may also be required for larger lesions, and any residual scarring will be minimal, gradually fading over time. For skin tag, mole, and cyst removal, Denver and Boulder patients depend on the Denver Dermatology Center team to meet their needs.

To discuss your skin tag, mole, or cyst removal with the Denver Dermatology Center, request an appointment online, or phone us at 303-830-2900 to schedule your appointment today.

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