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Add Vital Volume to the Midface

As we age, we lose fat and elasticity in our midface, causing our tissues to droop and create a drawn, flat look. Years ago, only a facelift could address these issues, but with VOLUMA®, you can safely and effectively rejuvenate your facial appearance without surgery.

What is VOLUMA®?

VOLUMA® is an injectable cosmetic treatment known as a dermal or soft tissue filler since it fills areas where volume loss has caused changes in the appearance of the skin and other tissues. Injectors use a fine needle to introduce clear gel into the target area. Voluma® is intended for mid-face contouring.

The key ingredient in VOLUMA® is hyaluronic acid, which is integral for smooth, well-hydrated skin. The carbohydrate is found naturally throughout the human body, where it serves to attract and bind to water. The hyaluronic molecules in VOLUMA® vary in weight and are cross-linked by a proprietary process known as Vycross®. Manufacturer Allergan developed this process to create a thick gel that provides structure and volume while remaining smooth. Your injector will be able to massage the filler once it’s in place, in order to ensure that the results look and feel as natural as possible.

VOLUMA® accomplishes two main changes:

  1. It restores a youthful roundness to the cheeks’ apples.
  2. It creates renewed support for elevating tissues, which can pull up skin that would sag into jowls.
How is VOLUMA® administered?

A VOLUMA® injection session in Denver Dermatology Center office typically lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, with specifics varying slightly from person to person. The filler is slowly introduced into the tissues from the mid-cheek, along the cheekbone, and toward the outer corner of the eye. It is then carefully shaped and molded into place for youthful, rounded contours.

Patients often report that the injections themselves involve minimal discomfort. Side effects are also minimal, but may include slight swelling, tenderness, or bruising at the injection site. These effects typically resolve within two to 12 days. VOLUMA® can provide mid-face volume for up to two years. As the provided volume decreases over time, maintenance sessions can be scheduled for even longer-term youthful results.

What is recovery like after VOLUMA® injections? 

Since VOLUMA® is a nonsurgical treatment, patients do not need to plan for significant—if any—downtime after getting injections. Typical daily activities can follow a treatment session, with only a few cautions: Avoid wearing makeup for 12 hours, and stay away from ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds, as well as steam rooms or saunas, for about 14 days.

Other Fillers

Beyond VOLUMA®, Denver Dermatology Center offers VOLLURE for addressing moderate to severe facial lines and VOLBELLA® for subtly volumizing the lips and smoothing out fine lines around the mouth. Both of these fillers are also members of the JUVEDERM®family.